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Hi! There is lots to tell in this email. First off, the weather has been very interesting to say the least. A few weeks ago tropical storm Hanna blew threw. Not a lot of damage was done; however, two college students from PCC went surfing at the beach even though red flags were flying to keep out of the water. The one brother made it out alive, but the other brother drowned. Then last week tropical storm Isidore came ashore in eastern LA and we got quite a bit of rain as a result. Here in Pensacola we got 11 inches before the storm even came ashore. I don’t know what the total rainfall was. Once again no damage. Wed. night church was cancelled, and the college students were restricted to the dorms. Now Hurricane Lili is making its way into the gulf. They forecast it to hit central LA. I suspect Mike and Liz will feel heavy effects from it. They are predicting that it will be a level three huricane when it reaches land. It has been a very busy weather season lately.

Melissa had her 6 month checkup yesterday. She is now 14lbs 4oz. and 26 1/4 inches long. I sure thought she would weigh more. She also got 4 shots, and Jason held her down while the nurse administered the shots. She is now eating 2 “real people” meals a day. She has had baby oatmeal, carrots, squash, creamed corn, sweet potatoes, and today she had peas. She is getting to be a pretty good eater. My neighbor gave me a Johnny Jump Up for Melissa. I am not sure what she thinks of that; she doesn’t seem to hate it, but she doesn’t seem to really love it either. I think Joe enjoys pushing her in it though. Friday we get her pictures back from Olan Mills.

Jason has been very busy at work. In fact he was able to take Monday and Tuesday afternoon off because he had worked so much extra. Monday we went shopping at the outlet mall in Foley. That was a lot of fun. We both got some things we really needed, and Melissa got a new pair of denim shorts and a hot pink tank top that says “Sweetheart” on it. Even though it was recommended that Jason go to San Francisco in November, he will not be going. We both thought he would go, but his boss decided not to send anyone this year.


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