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Things have been really busy here lately, well at least for me they have been. We got Melissa’s pictures back from Olan Mills and they are so adorable. She is getting better at sitting up now. She sat for 20 minutes the other day without falling over. She also has added broccoli to her diet as well. She has also taken her first bath in the bathtub this morning. She did not stay in there very long though, because she decided to go poop in the bathwater. She is also going through this I don’t see my mommy stage and she cries. She also cries if I am not the one holding her. It gets very frusterating at times.

Jason is keeping busy like always at work. On Sat. he has to go in and do so upgrades and things. I hope he will be able to take some extra time off next week.

Last weekend was the Parade of Homes here in Pensacola. We went to a few of the sites and got some information. We really want to get a house, but I don’t think anything will happen with that till next year. If you think about please pray that God will give us direction in this area. I don’t have very many pictures to share this week just because I haven’t taken very many. I do hope you enjoy these ones though.


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