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Okay this is the third time today I have tried to write this. The first time the power flicked and the computer shut down. The second time Joe shut the computer off while I was writing, and now for the third time. They say third time is the charm.

The weather here has been beautiful lately. The days are in the 70’s with clear blue skies, and the nights are in the 50’s which is perfect for snuggling under the comforter. Wednesday afternoon Jason, Melissa, and I were able to enjoy the day outside — we went to Milton and had a picnic lunch and then went for a walk on the hiking/biking/rollerblading trail. We ended up walking 3 miles. Melissa got a ride the whole way.

Melissa has gotton so many clothes lately. It seems I finally get them all put away how I want them, and then somebody will give me a new bag of hand me downs — It’s wonderful! She has been very trying today. I think she might be sick or something — I don’t know what. This morning she had a fever of a little over a 100 and she is just really fussy. It’s times like this that I get really frusterated. A crying baby wears on you after a while. Right now she is sleeping. She is getting really good at sitting up. I will sit her up, and give her a plastic box of toys. She will make her way through all the toys — the box ends up empty, and there is a circle of toys strewn all the way around her. She is just so cute!

Jason worked last Saturday and some of Sunday so he had Tues and Wed. afternoons off –that was nice especially since I did not have Joe then. Hope you all enjoy the pictures!


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