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Thought I would send you all some pictures of Melissa. She is changing so much. She plays very well by herself, and she can even roll a ball! She really enjoys playing in her bathwater — she has discovered the fine art of splashing. In my last email I had mentioned that Melissa had a fever; it turned out that in the few days she ran a fever that it peeked at 102.9 degrees. I still don’t know what caused it. She only had a fever; no cold or anything else. Jason and I were going to go to a fine arts production, but I ended up staying home with Melissa while Jason went to go hear the famous classical guitarist. She is much better now. She also wore her first hair bow “barrette” a week ago Sunday. There is a picture of it in this email. If you see a black velvet headband anywhere she could use one for family pictures in a couple of weeks.

I am busy with different things. I am in the process of making a dress for Melissa. She won’t be able to wear it though till she is much bigger. Mrs. Hicks and I are going to throw a shower for Louis Franklin. Her and her husband have wanted a baby so badly for many, many years. They have tried to adopt, but it has fallen through many, many times. Well, they now have custody of Daniel who is a year old, and the adoption is supposed to be finalized in March. They are so excited and we are so excited for them. The shower is scheduled for November 19.

This weekend is the couples retreat in Fort Walton Beach. Melissa is staying with the Hick’s overnight (first time ever! — I hope I do all right) Dr. and Mrs. Roberson are the guest speakers. It will be a lot of fun. Jason took Friday afternoon off, and we will drive over early and go to the outlet mall and enjoy a nice dinner before the first session begins. We both are really looking forward to it.


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