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Monthly Archives: November 2002

I apologize for slacking off on my “weekly” emails. I will try to go back to sending emails every week.

Melissa is changing so much. She now has two bottom teeth. You can barely see them, but they are there. She is also trying to pull herself up. You put her in her crib, and she will pull herself onto her knees. The other day I was sitting on the floor with her in my lap, and she grabbed the knobs of the buffet table, and pulled herself up into a standing position. She is just so cute and she is just so curious about everything!

On Sunday Jason, Melissa, and I will be going to Orlando to visit Mom and Dad H. They are going on vacation there for a week, and we will get to see them Sunday through Tuesday. We are very excited to show them Melissa.

Jason and I are planning to go to Mike and Liz’s for Thanksgiving. It will be so nice to see them and to visit. Hopefully I will be able to get ahold of them to finalize our plans. This week also is the Holiday Lights concert at school. We bought Melissa a Santa hat for the occasion. You should see her in it. She is so adorable. As far as Christmas is concerned we were not quite sure what to do about Christmas. First we were going, and then we didn’t know. As of now we do plan to go to Minnesota for Christmas. I know we will enjoy showing her off to everyone in Minnesota. It will be her first Christmas.

Enjoy the pictures! (By the way, I made her black headband)

Love, Jason, Rachel, and Melissa Joy



Greetings from Florida! Today the weather is so beautiful! Don’t you all wish you could come here and visit us and enjoy this beautiful weather!!!

Melissa has had a lot of “firsts” this past week. Last weekend she had her first sleepover away from Mom and Dad. She did great! She slept all through the night — 12 hours — which is more than she normally sleeps for us. And by the way, I did fine as well. I didn’t even call once to check up on her. Another lady on the same retreat called and checked on her baby two times, and this was her third baby! Melissa was so good for Mr. and Mrs. Hicks. They sure spoiled her. She got her first saltine cracker from them and she got her first bottle of juice from them. You should see her eat her cracker. She holds it in her hand and gums it till it is all squishy. Before you know it the cracker is gone except for the little bit that is clutched in her fist. She doesn’t realize if she would open her fist there would be more cracker to eat. I have given her some graham crackers also and she sure enjoys those as well. Oh, and before I forget she has also rolled over for the first time that I have seen this week. She rolled from her back to her tummy. I was so excited about that!

Jason and a co-worker of his, Derrell, are at the Civic Center today going to some seminars and a trade show. They went yesterday and today. Jason was pretty excited because it was something different to do and because he did not have to wear a tie.

Tonight my friend Nancy is hosting a Pampered Chef party and I am pretty excited about going. I already know the one thing I am going to order.

Hope all is well with everyone.