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Hello to all,

Life is keeping us really busy. This week has been church revival meetings, and so we have been out every night. I am keeping busy at home trying to go through things in order to organize them and to reduce clutter. Jason is keeping busy at work. He has been working a lot this week over in the planetarium.

Melissa has just added two new things to her growing list of new abilities. Today she pulled herself up to a standing position, and she also crawled for the first time! (at least that I have seen) Also the other day I went to check on her in her crib, and the little stinker was sitting up with one leg hanging out of the side slots. I have never seen her go from laying down to sitting up, so apparently now she can do it. Melissa also spent some of her Christmas money on a new doll. I think the doll looks a lot like her. Also we woke Melissa up so she could ring in the new year. There is a picture attached of that. She was sooooooooooo tired! Melissa and Joe play well together. Right now Joe is recovering from an ear infection. Also, Bren brought Joe into J.C. Penny for Christmas pictures, and yesterday Bren told me that Penny’s had called and would like to use Joe’s picture in next years promotionals. I think that is pretty neat!

Hope all is well with everyone.


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