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Monthly Archives: February 2003


A lot has happened since the last update. Where do I start?

Melissa is getting bigger. She is sporting two new upper teeth. She is also eating a lot. On Sat. she had her first McDonalds French fry. I wish you could have seen her face — it just lit up. She does really well eating anything I give her including fruits and vegetables, and the good old standby of peanut butter and jelly. Yesterday she was playing with the coasters and Joe plowed her over resulting in a nice owie on her upper lip.

On Sat. Jason and I got our eyes and checked and we both got new glasses and contacts. I have never worn contacts before, and I am not too sure of them. I will give them a try though. Jason got new glasses and contacts as well. Praise the Lord for tax refund money that enabled us to do this!
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