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A lot has happened since the last update. Where do I start?

Melissa is getting bigger. She is sporting two new upper teeth. She is also eating a lot. On Sat. she had her first McDonalds French fry. I wish you could have seen her face — it just lit up. She does really well eating anything I give her including fruits and vegetables, and the good old standby of peanut butter and jelly. Yesterday she was playing with the coasters and Joe plowed her over resulting in a nice owie on her upper lip.

On Sat. Jason and I got our eyes and checked and we both got new glasses and contacts. I have never worn contacts before, and I am not too sure of them. I will give them a try though. Jason got new glasses and contacts as well. Praise the Lord for tax refund money that enabled us to do this!

Jason went into work on Sat. to upgrade the database to Oracle 9i. He is also busy with other projects, and he is very excited about finishing a project that has been ongoing for quite a while, the FRMS program (Field Rep. Management System).

Some new and fun things have happened to me as well. I submitted an article for publication to the P31 newsletter, and it has been accepted! It will be released in the July issue. You can check out their website for a standard sample issue and for more info. on who they are. Also, I enrolled in a cake decorating class. It starts March 4, and will meet 2 hours every Tuesday for 4 weeks. I am really looking forward to this opportunity.

Hope you are all doing well!


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