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Life is busy here in Florida. Melissa is getting bigger and she is getting more hair. A week and a half ago she took two steps all by herself. She has not done much walking on her own since then, but she is getting more confident standing by herself, She can even stand and drink from her sippy cup at the same time. We also got her a tooth brush. She has four bottom teeth and two top teeth. She is also cutting a new top tooth.

Melissa and I flew home and surprised my mom with a birthday visit. Boy was she ever surprised. She had no idea I was coming. When we pulled into the driveway my dad had me go hide behind the house. He went in and got Mom to come help him bring in a box from the car. Mom came out to the car, opened the door, pulled the seat forward and looked up. That is when she saw Melissa. She screamed and was so happy. We surprised her real well. We had a good visit in Minnesota.

Hope you enjoy the pictures. The one picture is of Melissa eating a piece of red velvet cake. I had to give her a bath after she ate that. The bath water even turned a pink color because of how messy she got eating the cake. The other picture is after she ate some cheddar and garlic mashed potatoes.



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