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Melissa’s Rough Day

I don’t care what people say. Kids aren’t made out of rubber.

We took Melissa to the emergency room today. Don’t worry, she’s fine; the trip was more to reassure us more than anything else. It was just the cap on a pretty rough day for our daughter. It started out all right, as she played outside all morning while Rachel and I worked in the yard. It was really cute when she grabbed her little push-car and imitated Daddy mowing the lawn by pushing it all over the back yard.

After lunch we put her down for a nap. For a while we could hear her banging around in her crib, and I was thinking about going in to lay her back down, when I heard a THUMP and a heart-wrenching wail. It only took me about a half second to get to her room. She had climbed over the rail on her crib and fallen to the floor, getting a nice bump on her forehead. I sure was glad her room was carpeted!

After Melissa was done with her nap, she played around the house while I cleaned up the dishes. I was just finishing up the last few things when I saw her trip over by the dining room windows. She started crying, and assuming she had bumped her already-bruised forehead against the window sill, I picked her up and comforted her for a few minutes. When she lifted her head off my shoulder though, I saw a frightening red and purple bruise on her upper eyelid! Glancing down at my shirt, I realized she was bleeding slightly by the stain on my shoulder. Fortunately Rachel, who had been out shopping, got home within a few minutes, and we took her to the hospital. The doctor checked her and confirmed that she was okay, apart from a nice shiner that will probably take a couple weeks to go away.

Rachel and I are thanking God for His protection today. We can’t help but think of how either of today’s incidents could have turned out much differently. With what could have happened, a couple of bruises is a blessing!

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