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Jason and Melissa Go to WA

Greetings! Life has been very busy these past few weeks. Between Jason’s trip to Washington, my ladies retreat, and the general day to day living we have been kept very active.

Jason had a great time visiting with family out in Washington. Melissa did very well on the plane ride out there; all except for a couple landings where her ears bothered her. Glad it was Jason and not me that had to deal with those!! Mom and Dad Heinrich sure had a great time spoiling Melissa. Jason was also able to visit my Grandma and Grandpa Rodie. Melissa went right to Grandma which made my Grandma’s day. On Sunday Jason was able to visit with some of his extended family. Rob and Linda and their kids came down to visit, and his Uncle Mike stopped over as well. Melissa cuddled right up to Jason’s brother Matt. All in all it was a great trip.

While Jason was gone, I was enjoying my time off. On Friday I went out to lunch with a girlfriend and then went out to the Foley outlet malls and got almost all my Christmas gift shopping done. That evening and the next day was the ladies retreat which was a lot of fun. Sunday was church and Monday I got to do some last minute shopping before I picked up Jason and Melissa from the airport. It was nice to finally have them home.

Our busy month is not over yet!! This weekend we are hosting a “Bean and Leaf Festival,” which is basically a brunch with some people from Jason’s work and friends from church. Since most of the guys coming over are “computer geeks” they enjoy watching computer animated movies, so we bought Finding Nemo and will watch it then. (I don’t get it how grown-ups would choose to watch cartoons over a “real” movie. 🙂 ) Anyway it should be pretty fun. Also the holiday lights concert at school is coming up, as well as the play HMS Pinafore. Incidentally, this play happened to be our first date 8 years ago!

We have several new pictures in the Photo Albums. Enjoy!


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