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Monthly Archives: January 2004


Thought you all would enjoy some more pictures of Melissa. We have been busy with some house projects. We are redoing the bathroom right now. J has sanded down the walls, and we have primed and painted them. Today I plan to rag off the walls, and hopefully tomorrow put up the new wallpaper border. Last night we went out to a new place called Cornerstone Custard. They sell ice cream made with egg yolks – I guess it is a richer kind of ice cream. Anyway it was pretty good. Melissa wasn’t to interested in it, she was happy munching on her M&M’s. Read the rest of this entry



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Thought you would all enjoy some pictures of Melissa. She got the kitchen set for Christmas, and the care bear dress is from her Grandma and Grandpa Heinrich. The other picture is from yesterday when I decided to reorganize the linen closet. After I had taken everything out, Melissa decided to climb on the shelves. Sometimes she can be so strange. Read the rest of this entry

Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year! We hope everyone has had a fantastic and blessed holiday season! Ours started out with a large get-together of friends for Thanksgiving. Although our original plans had fallen through, we thank the Lord for good friends who were willing and glad to have us join them.

This was our first year to decorate our new home for Christmas. We were able to get a live Christmas tree, and we even had enough ornaments to fill it! Compared to some of our neighbors our outdoor lights were somewhat humble, but I always enjoyed rounding the corner of the street on my way home and seeing them ahead, lighting our house on the hill! It will be a little sad to take the decorations down, but we can still celebrate God’s gift to us, Jesus, all year round! Read the rest of this entry