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Virus Warning

On or around November 30, the webserver on which our site is hosted was hacked and a small piece of code placed on our home page. This code installed a virus on the viewer’s computer. Fortunately, the virus doesn’t seem to be destructive, but it does attempt to make phone calls through your modem. I recommend that if you are using a Windows-based computer, that you run an up-to-date virus scanner or delete your temporary internet items immediately. One good sign that your computer is infected is if you come to our home page and see “Applet Started” in the status bar at the bottom of your browser. If you are infected and cannot remove the virus right away, I recommend unplugging the phone line from your modem (once you’re offline of course) so that the dialler cannot call out. It is probably safe to plug the modem in immediately before you go online, since the dialler can’t make phone calls if you’re using the modem already!

As of the time I write this, the offending code has been removed from our home page, so it’s safe to visit our site. In the meantime, I’ll be notifying our hosts’ support that their server had been compromised.

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