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It’s almost time!

With less than two weeks to go before Rachel’s due date, we’re getting excited about the arrival of our third baby! The only problem is, our digital camera broke, so we sent it to be repaired and I doubt that it will be back in time. So we started using my old 35mm camera, but it broke too. I sure am thankful for disposable cameras! There’s no way we’ll be caught on delivery day without a camera if we can help it! Even with film, I’ll try to get the pictures developed as quickly as possible so I can post them in the photo albums.

In other news, we’ve gotten our back fence put back up, and we’re now getting the back yard cleared of all the construction debris. Melissa keeps reminding us that we promised her a swingset when the back yard was cleaned up! We have several projects that are almost finished, and I hope to have them finished by the time my parents come to visit in a few weeks. We’ll see…

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