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Hurricane Dennis

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I don’t know how many people checked our website during Hurricane Dennis, but I apologize for not having updates during the storm like I did for Ivan last year. The fact is, we evacuated for this storm and headed to our closest relatives: Rachel’s parents in Minnesota. I tried to update the site while we were there, but couldn’t access it for some reason. Anyway, we were safe, and the Lord protected Pensacola by calming the storm a bit and pushing it east so we would get the weaker side of the storm.

For now, Rachel’s visiting with her family and I’m back in Florida trying to make up the time I missed from work. Our home was hardly touched: the only damage was a single bush that got blown over and a leak in our roof over the main bathroom. I guess my roofing job didn’t go as well as I had hoped! 😛 Of course, this hurricane season isn’t even close to being over, so please keep praying that Pensacola will be spared from the rest of the storms this year.

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