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Monthly Archives: September 2005

Back to Normal

Well, for the most part life here in Pensacola is back to normal, though people still get tense when they hear the word “tropical.” The gasoline supply was very tight for a while, but has improved considerably (I don’t nervously check the gas gauge and every filling station I pass to see if they have gas and if I should jump in line). It’s a good thing, too, because our church is organizing work trips on Saturdays to go over to Mississippi to help with the cleanup and show Christ’s love.

I won’t be going the next couple of weeks, however, because Sep. 17-23 I’ll be in San Francisco at this year’s Oracle Openworld conference. I’m going with my friend David from work, and we’re looking forward to everything that we’re going to learn. In fact, the conference just isn’t long enough for me to attend all the sessions that I’m interested in! I’m also going to attempt to upgrade my certification for the latest version of Oracle, so pray for me if you think about it! I’ll be updating the new Openworld 05 blog daily while I’m there.

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