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Update 2006

Wow, and I thought I’d gone a long time before without a post. To be fair, I did make a post when Andrew was born, but that one was lost when we switched hosting providers. Still, I’m amazed that people still visit our site with such stale content. And yet they do, because occasionally when I update I’ll get comments about the new pictures or whatever. So thank you, all of you friends and family that keep this site alive!

It’s been busy around here, but I guess that goes without saying with four kids! In the last post, I commented on how we would be doing home improvements, and they’re really coming along! The kitchen has been almost completely made over (I’ll post some before and after pictures when it’s done), and we’re hoping to get new flooring throughout the house this Christmas. When we bought the house, Rachel prayed specifically that God would allow us to improve it and be able to do it without debt. Well, He granted that request, and I am just in awe with the transformation. Now to get rid of this grey carpet that doesn’t match anything. It could be worse: when we moved in, I thought it was brown. Seriously.

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