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“Turn you northward.”

We’ve gotten established here in Minnesota. In my last post I mentioned that I had a couple of job interviews. Well, the Lord opened the door to one of them, and I now work at Siemens Power Transmission & Distribution. It’s a one-year contract position, so due to the uncertainty of where we’ll be next year, we’re renting a house in Maple Grove, in the northwest suburbs of Minneapolis. That works out well, though, because we’re still waiting for our house in Pensacola to sell.

Another big change has been that Melissa has started school! She’s doing K5 with A Beka Academy video homeschool. We’ve got her own little classroom setup downstairs, and she seems to enjoy it. She was explaining to me the other day how to write a little “b” in cursive. 🙂 She also seems to be very musically inclined. Not only does she learn new songs very quickly, but she also makes them up! She frequently makes up songs while we’re driving in the van, then asks us, “Do you know that one?”

My parents came to visit this month, and this time they brought my brother and his family with them! It was great to be able to really start to get to know Matt for the first time. I know that sounds weird, given that we’re brothers, but with our age gap and me being in Florida for nearly a decade, I’ve not really had the chance to know him as a peer. Of course, the visit was too short. Fortunately, we’re a lot closer to Washington now, so we hope to be able to visit more frequently.

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