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Monthly Archives: March 2012


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For the past couple of days I’ve been disciplining myself to skip snacks in the evening in an attempt to get my morning blood sugars under control. I’ve also been shifting my Lantus forward a couple hours each day with the intent to take it in the evening rather than the morning. I just got tired of seeing numbers in the 140s every morning. Frankly, I was getting a little jealous of Rachel, who had been in the upper 90’s on a bad day.

Well, today when I checked, the meter read 81.

I’ll admit to being surprised. I didn’t expect it to come down that fast. In fact, it makes me a little concerned about the dreaded overnight lows that I keep reading about but have never experienced. We’ll see how it goes. For now, I’ll be happy to have better control over my blood sugar, and hope for a lower A1c.



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A very happy 10th birthday to daughter Melissa! 10 years ago today we held our first child in our arms, exhausted after a late night of labor but excited and astonished about the tiny little person that we had created. Even knowing she was coming for the past 8 months didn’t diminish the wonder. I remember looking at that baby and thinking, “Holy cow, we’re parents!” If you had told me at that point that 10 years later we would be counting down the days to baby number 8… well, I honestly don’t know how I would have reacted. 🙂

Not coincidentally, today also marks the 10-year anniversary of and this blog! Social media wasn’t the big deal back in 2002 that it is today, and I wanted a way to share news and pictures about our new little family. A lot can change in 10 years, and our web site was no exception. Different hosting providers, different blogging software (it’s hard to imagine I started out pasting status updates into a static HTML page!), different photo management software, site redesigns, etc. But eventually, Facebook won out and updates fizzled down to nothing.

Well, hopefully this year all that changes. Read the rest of this entry