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End of a Chapter…

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We’re coming down to the end of a chapter in our life. This will be our last week in Pensacola, as God has called us to Minnesota and we will be moving next weekend. In many ways it’s kind of sad and a little scary. For instance, there are a lot of things we are going to miss about Pensacola: we love our new pastor; we have great friends; I keep seeing restaurants I want to try (or try again); we have a wonderful babysitter that loves our kids and goes out of her way to help us; and of course we have the best beaches in the country! It’s scary because as of now our house hasn’t sold, I don’t have a job (though I may have a couple interviews — pray for me!), and it seems like there are so many things that are still left to do in the next week.

On the other hand, there is a great deal of excitement as well. For one thing, it’s good to know that we are following God’s will. If He wants us there, then what blessings does he have planned for us? Read the rest of this entry

Update 2006

Wow, and I thought I’d gone a long time before without a post. To be fair, I did make a post when Andrew was born, but that one was lost when we switched hosting providers. Still, I’m amazed that people still visit our site with such stale content. And yet they do, because occasionally when I update I’ll get comments about the new pictures or whatever. So thank you, all of you friends and family that keep this site alive! Read the rest of this entry

November 2005

The temperatures have cooled off these past weeks, and we’ve taken advantage of the beautiful weather to get away. Last weekend Rachel surprised me with a weekend getaway to Marianna, about 2 hours east of here. We stayed at a Bed & Breakfast, did a little antiquing at an extraordinary old Victorian-era hotel, and went canoeing down the Chipola River. Apparently Marianna was a popular place, because I know of at least 2 other families from PCC that were there on the same weekend! Read the rest of this entry

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Life here has been very busy. We just got back from our trip to Minnesota. We had a great time visiting with Mom and Dad. Jason and I were able to get away for a couple days without the girls. We went to Duluth and Jason surprised me by taking me to a bed and breakfast at this old victorian home. It was a lot of fun. Toward the end of the week we took the girls to Como Park and Zoo. They had a blast. Melissa stills talks about going to Minnesota to go to the zoo and the rides. We also went to the Children’s Museum. The girls had a lot of fun there. Melissa really enjoyed the little grocery store set up just for kids with the real carts just their size, the pretend food, and the real cash registers that they could play on. Melody liked the area that had the water exhibits set up. She had fun putting ping pong balls in the water tubes and watching them go. The drive to and from Minnesota was very long, and we were glad to finally get back home. Read the rest of this entry

Melody Grace Heinrich

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She’s here! Melody Grace Heinrich was born at 3:30am this morning (3/4/04). She was 7 pounds, 12 1/4 ounces, and 20 inches long. Pictures should be up soon; I just have to get a few minutes at home to upload them.

[Update 8:55pm]

Okay, the pictures are up! Check out the Bundle of Grace photo album to see our new arrival!


Things are starting to get busy around here as we prepare for the arrival of our new baby! We’ve finished the main bathroom, and have set up Melissa’s new furniture in her room. There is so much we want to finish before the baby comes, but sometimes it seems like it will never end!

It’s always good to hear from friends. A few days ago an old friend of mine from when I lived in Bremerton tracked me down and gave me a call. It was great to get caught up; one interesting thing I learned was that we both ended up doing computer work. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, since we had such similar interests when we were little! After reminiscing, I decided a blast from the past would make a good Featured Photo. That’s me and Justin; gotta love my vest!


Thought you all would enjoy some more pictures of Melissa. We have been busy with some house projects. We are redoing the bathroom right now. J has sanded down the walls, and we have primed and painted them. Today I plan to rag off the walls, and hopefully tomorrow put up the new wallpaper border. Last night we went out to a new place called Cornerstone Custard. They sell ice cream made with egg yolks – I guess it is a richer kind of ice cream. Anyway it was pretty good. Melissa wasn’t to interested in it, she was happy munching on her M&M’s. Read the rest of this entry