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A lot has happened since the last update. Where do I start?

Melissa is getting bigger. She is sporting two new upper teeth. She is also eating a lot. On Sat. she had her first McDonalds French fry. I wish you could have seen her face — it just lit up. She does really well eating anything I give her including fruits and vegetables, and the good old standby of peanut butter and jelly. Yesterday she was playing with the coasters and Joe plowed her over resulting in a nice owie on her upper lip.

On Sat. Jason and I got our eyes and checked and we both got new glasses and contacts. I have never worn contacts before, and I am not too sure of them. I will give them a try though. Jason got new glasses and contacts as well. Praise the Lord for tax refund money that enabled us to do this!
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Hope this finds you all happy and healthy. Melissa is learning new things all the time and is getting bigger too. She can now stand up without holding on to anything for a few seconds. Yesterday she moved from the rocking chair to the crib holding on to the furniture as she walked. It was not far since the chair and the crib are right next to each other, but she is getting better at standing and moving all the time. She is also getting into everything. Next time I go to Wal-Mart I will need to buy some cupboard door latches.

You may be interested in knowing that Jason re-signed his contract. He enjoys working for PCC and is looking forward to continue working for them this year. It is a busy time at work for him. The beginning of the year brings a lot of changes and updates to different programs and systems. Jason was invited to a breakfast being held next week in which all five-year personnel will be honored. He is looking forward to that.

Sunday night we had some friends over for pizza and food and enjoyed watching the second half of the Superbowl. It was a last minute spontaneous idea that ended up being a lot of fun.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!


Hi Everyone!
Hope this finds you all healthy and happy. We are all doing well here in Florida despite all the cold weather. I saw on the news that one of the local areas reporting the weather reported 17 degrees. This of course was the lowest I have heard and it was not in Pensacola, but in an area close to here. Thankfully it is now warming up a bit.

Melissa is getting more and more mobile. She has been crawling for a little more than a week now and she is getting more and more confident. First she would only crawl small distances in a room. Then she would crawl from one end of the room to the other end, and now she will crawl from the living room to the dining room. She is also getting into all kinds of things — things like the office garbage can, the VCR, the door jam spring, and Jason’s space book. The little stinker is really keeping us busy. She also is eating new things. Last Friday she had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. She makes a mess eating it, but she really likes it. She is also eating cheerios now.
Jason has been doing a lot of work over at the Planetarium doing work on programming a show. He has also been able to get a lot of things done at work and has been able to close out some job tracks for which he is very excited. At home he is busy trying to work on our website finding the best way to put the photo albums on the website. In fact the website has become our home page as a means of motivation to work on it. We also have been busy at home working on organizing and getting rid of things that we don’t need. A week ago Sat. we cleaned out the hall closet. It was a project, but it looks so great now!


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Hello to all,

Life is keeping us really busy. This week has been church revival meetings, and so we have been out every night. I am keeping busy at home trying to go through things in order to organize them and to reduce clutter. Jason is keeping busy at work. He has been working a lot this week over in the planetarium.

Melissa has just added two new things to her growing list of new abilities. Today she pulled herself up to a standing position, and she also crawled for the first time! (at least that I have seen) Also the other day I went to check on her in her crib, and the little stinker was sitting up with one leg hanging out of the side slots. I have never seen her go from laying down to sitting up, so apparently now she can do it. Melissa also spent some of her Christmas money on a new doll. I think the doll looks a lot like her. Also we woke Melissa up so she could ring in the new year. There is a picture attached of that. She was sooooooooooo tired! Melissa and Joe play well together. Right now Joe is recovering from an ear infection. Also, Bren brought Joe into J.C. Penny for Christmas pictures, and yesterday Bren told me that Penny’s had called and would like to use Joe’s picture in next years promotionals. I think that is pretty neat!

Hope all is well with everyone.


Greetings from the Gulf Coast!

Life is going well. We just got back from Christmas vacation in Minnesota. The weather there was cold ( at least in my opinion) and there was very little to no snow depending on what part of the state we were in. Traveling there went very well, especially with a baby. Melissa slept a lot of the way there and she even slept during the night, for which I was very thankful. Usually we always have to drive in snowy weather in Wisconsin, but this year there was no precipitation at all. We spent a lot of time with family and friends in Minnesota. On Christmas day we opened gifts with my parents, and we then went down to my Aunt’s house for a family get together, and then we drove to Cloquet to see Jason’s Grandparents and family. Christmas was very busy.

It was also Melissa’s first Christmas. She would tear some of the paper off of her gifts if you started it for her. She got some really nice clothes, her first dolly from Grandma and Grandpa H, toys, books and other things. She wore a red velvet Christmas dress.

Mike and Liz are in the process of buying a house, and if everything goes through they will begin moving tomorrow. Right now Jason is planning to go over and help them move. I will be staying home with both Joe and Melissa.

Hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season!


Greetings to all. We are doing well, and enjoying the holiday season. We went to Mike and Liz’s for Thanksgiving. It was so nice to visit with them and to see Emily. There is a picture attached of both Emily and Melissa. We also decorated our house for Christmas. The tree is up and the outside lights are up as well. We are also making plans to go to Minnesota in just a few weeks. We are really looking forward to this vacation time.

Jason is doing well. He came home a few weeks ago with a memo from work saying he got a pay raise. We really excited about that news!! At his work they have rearranged some work areas and his desk has been shifted back against the wall. I was really impressed with the speed of how quickly they were able to get this “move in IT” (information technologies) done. Tomorrow is his work’s Christmas party. It should be a lot of fun.

Melissa is trying more and more to pull herself up. She got into trouble the other day when she kept trying to play with the centerpiece on the coffee table. She sure is curious about lots of things. She is such a sweetheart. She has not been feeling well lately. She has a cold, and she had been running a fever.

Tonight my friend Kim and I are taking Brenda out to dinner at the Olive Garden because she passed her nursing boards. Jason has agreed to watch both Joe and Melissa so we can do this “girls night out.” It should be a lot of fun.

Our trip to Orlando had been cancelled due to a cancelled airline flight. Mom and Dad H.’s plane was canceled the night before they were due to leave and they were not able to get another flight till Tuesday so they ended up not coming. All of us were bummed. We were sure looking forward to spending time with them and showing them Melissa.


I apologize for slacking off on my “weekly” emails. I will try to go back to sending emails every week.

Melissa is changing so much. She now has two bottom teeth. You can barely see them, but they are there. She is also trying to pull herself up. You put her in her crib, and she will pull herself onto her knees. The other day I was sitting on the floor with her in my lap, and she grabbed the knobs of the buffet table, and pulled herself up into a standing position. She is just so cute and she is just so curious about everything!

On Sunday Jason, Melissa, and I will be going to Orlando to visit Mom and Dad H. They are going on vacation there for a week, and we will get to see them Sunday through Tuesday. We are very excited to show them Melissa.

Jason and I are planning to go to Mike and Liz’s for Thanksgiving. It will be so nice to see them and to visit. Hopefully I will be able to get ahold of them to finalize our plans. This week also is the Holiday Lights concert at school. We bought Melissa a Santa hat for the occasion. You should see her in it. She is so adorable. As far as Christmas is concerned we were not quite sure what to do about Christmas. First we were going, and then we didn’t know. As of now we do plan to go to Minnesota for Christmas. I know we will enjoy showing her off to everyone in Minnesota. It will be her first Christmas.

Enjoy the pictures! (By the way, I made her black headband)

Love, Jason, Rachel, and Melissa Joy


Greetings from Florida! Today the weather is so beautiful! Don’t you all wish you could come here and visit us and enjoy this beautiful weather!!!

Melissa has had a lot of “firsts” this past week. Last weekend she had her first sleepover away from Mom and Dad. She did great! She slept all through the night — 12 hours — which is more than she normally sleeps for us. And by the way, I did fine as well. I didn’t even call once to check up on her. Another lady on the same retreat called and checked on her baby two times, and this was her third baby! Melissa was so good for Mr. and Mrs. Hicks. They sure spoiled her. She got her first saltine cracker from them and she got her first bottle of juice from them. You should see her eat her cracker. She holds it in her hand and gums it till it is all squishy. Before you know it the cracker is gone except for the little bit that is clutched in her fist. She doesn’t realize if she would open her fist there would be more cracker to eat. I have given her some graham crackers also and she sure enjoys those as well. Oh, and before I forget she has also rolled over for the first time that I have seen this week. She rolled from her back to her tummy. I was so excited about that!

Jason and a co-worker of his, Derrell, are at the Civic Center today going to some seminars and a trade show. They went yesterday and today. Jason was pretty excited because it was something different to do and because he did not have to wear a tie.

Tonight my friend Nancy is hosting a Pampered Chef party and I am pretty excited about going. I already know the one thing I am going to order.

Hope all is well with everyone.


Thought I would send you all some pictures of Melissa. She is changing so much. She plays very well by herself, and she can even roll a ball! She really enjoys playing in her bathwater — she has discovered the fine art of splashing. In my last email I had mentioned that Melissa had a fever; it turned out that in the few days she ran a fever that it peeked at 102.9 degrees. I still don’t know what caused it. She only had a fever; no cold or anything else. Jason and I were going to go to a fine arts production, but I ended up staying home with Melissa while Jason went to go hear the famous classical guitarist. She is much better now. She also wore her first hair bow “barrette” a week ago Sunday. There is a picture of it in this email. If you see a black velvet headband anywhere she could use one for family pictures in a couple of weeks.

I am busy with different things. I am in the process of making a dress for Melissa. She won’t be able to wear it though till she is much bigger. Mrs. Hicks and I are going to throw a shower for Louis Franklin. Her and her husband have wanted a baby so badly for many, many years. They have tried to adopt, but it has fallen through many, many times. Well, they now have custody of Daniel who is a year old, and the adoption is supposed to be finalized in March. They are so excited and we are so excited for them. The shower is scheduled for November 19.

This weekend is the couples retreat in Fort Walton Beach. Melissa is staying with the Hick’s overnight (first time ever! — I hope I do all right) Dr. and Mrs. Roberson are the guest speakers. It will be a lot of fun. Jason took Friday afternoon off, and we will drive over early and go to the outlet mall and enjoy a nice dinner before the first session begins. We both are really looking forward to it.


Okay this is the third time today I have tried to write this. The first time the power flicked and the computer shut down. The second time Joe shut the computer off while I was writing, and now for the third time. They say third time is the charm.

The weather here has been beautiful lately. The days are in the 70’s with clear blue skies, and the nights are in the 50’s which is perfect for snuggling under the comforter. Wednesday afternoon Jason, Melissa, and I were able to enjoy the day outside — we went to Milton and had a picnic lunch and then went for a walk on the hiking/biking/rollerblading trail. We ended up walking 3 miles. Melissa got a ride the whole way.

Melissa has gotton so many clothes lately. It seems I finally get them all put away how I want them, and then somebody will give me a new bag of hand me downs — It’s wonderful! She has been very trying today. I think she might be sick or something — I don’t know what. This morning she had a fever of a little over a 100 and she is just really fussy. It’s times like this that I get really frusterated. A crying baby wears on you after a while. Right now she is sleeping. She is getting really good at sitting up. I will sit her up, and give her a plastic box of toys. She will make her way through all the toys — the box ends up empty, and there is a circle of toys strewn all the way around her. She is just so cute!

Jason worked last Saturday and some of Sunday so he had Tues and Wed. afternoons off –that was nice especially since I did not have Joe then. Hope you all enjoy the pictures!