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Thought you would all enjoy some pictures of Melissa. She got the kitchen set for Christmas, and the care bear dress is from her Grandma and Grandpa Heinrich. The other picture is from yesterday when I decided to reorganize the linen closet. After I had taken everything out, Melissa decided to climb on the shelves. Sometimes she can be so strange. Read the rest of this entry


Jason and Melissa Go to WA

Greetings! Life has been very busy these past few weeks. Between Jason’s trip to Washington, my ladies retreat, and the general day to day living we have been kept very active.

Jason had a great time visiting with family out in Washington. Melissa did very well on the plane ride out there; all except for a couple landings where her ears bothered her. Glad it was Jason and not me that had to deal with those!! Mom and Dad Heinrich sure had a great time spoiling Melissa. Jason was also able to visit my Grandma and Grandpa Rodie. Melissa went right to Grandma which made my Grandma’s day. On Sunday Jason was able to visit with some of his extended family. Rob and Linda and their kids came down to visit, and his Uncle Mike stopped over as well. Melissa cuddled right up to Jason’s brother Matt. All in all it was a great trip. Read the rest of this entry

Melissa’s Rough Day

I don’t care what people say. Kids aren’t made out of rubber.

We took Melissa to the emergency room today. Don’t worry, she’s fine; the trip was more to reassure us more than anything else. It was just the cap on a pretty rough day for our daughter. It started out all right, as she played outside all morning while Rachel and I worked in the yard. It was really cute when she grabbed her little push-car and imitated Daddy mowing the lawn by pushing it all over the back yard. Read the rest of this entry


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Just an update as to what is going on down here in beautiful, sunny Florida.

Things are progressing very nicely with the house, and Lord-willing we will be able to close on Monday, June 16. We were able to lock in at a low interest rate of 5%. This was another answer to prayer. We were happy with the home inspection — there was very little that we requested to be repaired. And as for the appraisal, it came back higher than what we are paying for the house, so right off the bat we will have some equity into the house. We are so excited!!! We are renting our apartment until the end of June, so we have plenty of time to get things moved over and settled. We are hoping to do some painting and carpet cleaning before we move all the furniture over.
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Greetings from Florida!

Things are going well here. We are very excited about moving into a house! Right now we are in the process of negotiating the price of a house. On Saturday we took a home buyers class and have recently done paperwork for a loan. We are waiting for final approval on the loan, and we are also waiting for a contract for the house. If you would like to see pictures of the house visit this URL: then enter 239797 where it asks for the MLS number [Since the house is now off the market, these pictures are no longer available. -Jason].
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Life is busy here in Florida. Melissa is getting bigger and she is getting more hair. A week and a half ago she took two steps all by herself. She has not done much walking on her own since then, but she is getting more confident standing by herself, She can even stand and drink from her sippy cup at the same time. We also got her a tooth brush. She has four bottom teeth and two top teeth. She is also cutting a new top tooth.

Melissa and I flew home and surprised my mom with a birthday visit. Boy was she ever surprised. She had no idea I was coming. When we pulled into the driveway my dad had me go hide behind the house. He went in and got Mom to come help him bring in a box from the car. Mom came out to the car, opened the door, pulled the seat forward and looked up. That is when she saw Melissa. She screamed and was so happy. We surprised her real well. We had a good visit in Minnesota.
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A lot has happened since the last update. Where do I start?

Melissa is getting bigger. She is sporting two new upper teeth. She is also eating a lot. On Sat. she had her first McDonalds French fry. I wish you could have seen her face — it just lit up. She does really well eating anything I give her including fruits and vegetables, and the good old standby of peanut butter and jelly. Yesterday she was playing with the coasters and Joe plowed her over resulting in a nice owie on her upper lip.

On Sat. Jason and I got our eyes and checked and we both got new glasses and contacts. I have never worn contacts before, and I am not too sure of them. I will give them a try though. Jason got new glasses and contacts as well. Praise the Lord for tax refund money that enabled us to do this!
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