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Hurricane Katrina

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Well, here we are Monday morning and we still have power and internet, so things are going well in Pensacola at least. I can’t vouch anyone west of us, and we can’t see any TV coverage from over there since our satellite TV is out (imagine that). Currently it’s pretty windy outside, but we don’t have any leaks or anything. Judging by the radar images, this looks like the worst part of the storm, and we’ve seen a lot worse. Still, it’s rather impressive considering that the core of this storm is about 150 miles away. I’ll post more later.

Hurricane Katrina

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Well, another month, another storm. We had Tropical Storm Arlene in June, Hurricane Dennis in July, and now Hurricane Katrina squeezing in before the end of August. Fortunately for us, this amazing storm is headed well west of us, toward New Orleans. We’ll probably get tropical storm-force winds, but nothing like Ivan last year. Of course, this isn’t good news for those in New Orleans, which is actually below sea level.

It’s been breezy all day today, and currently we are having some rain and lightning. I’ve brought all the loose items inside the garage to be safe. I’ll post periodically over the next day to keep everyone apprised of our situation here on the Gulf coast. In the meantime, don’t forget the box at the bottom of the home page for up-to-the-minute weather information here in Pensacola.

Hurricane Dennis

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I don’t know how many people checked our website during Hurricane Dennis, but I apologize for not having updates during the storm like I did for Ivan last year. The fact is, we evacuated for this storm and headed to our closest relatives: Rachel’s parents in Minnesota. I tried to update the site while we were there, but couldn’t access it for some reason. Anyway, we were safe, and the Lord protected Pensacola by calming the storm a bit and pushing it east so we would get the weaker side of the storm. Read the rest of this entry

It’s a Boy!

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Introducing Ethan Richard Heinrich!

At 11:14am today Ethan was born. He was 7 pounds 10 ounces, and 18 1/2 inches long. Mother and son are doing fine; I’ll have pictures as soon as I get them back, probably tomorrow.

The pictures are up! Check them out in the Ethan Richard photo album. Our newest little bundle is as cute as can be; if viewing his pictures online just isn’t enough, you can get a print of any of them through the drop-down list at the top of the image page: just select the service that you want to do the printing. Or, if you’d prefer to use a different service, feel free to copy the image to your computer and send or take it wherever you’d like! Tip: click the “View images: Full” link at the top of the image page to get the highest resolution version of the picture for printing!

You can also view and order his hospital pictures online as well, at the Growing Family web site. Enjoy!

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You know, you don’t really appreciate your back yard until you can’t use it for 7 months. After Ivan, there was debris all over and the fences were down. Even after we got the debris cleaned up, we still couldn’t let the girls play back there because of the lack of fences. Then we replaced the roof, so there were shingles and nails all over the place.

Last week I finished the fence, and this weekend I’ve finally gotten all the debris picked up and the yard mowed. The difference was amazing, especially the weight that seemed to be lifted off my shoulders. I didn’t realize how depressing that mess was until it was gone. Rachel and I stood out there tonight and talked about all our dreams and plans for the back yard, back porch, and patio. And now that the back yard is usable for the first time in over half a year, they seem possible.

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It’s almost time!

With less than two weeks to go before Rachel’s due date, we’re getting excited about the arrival of our third baby! The only problem is, our digital camera broke, so we sent it to be repaired and I doubt that it will be back in time. So we started using my old 35mm camera, but it broke too. I sure am thankful for disposable cameras! There’s no way we’ll be caught on delivery day without a camera if we can help it! Even with film, I’ll try to get the pictures developed as quickly as possible so I can post them in the photo albums. Read the rest of this entry

Welcome back! It’s been an interesting month, as our site got shuffled from one server to another. It’s mostly been my fault that the site was down, since it took me a while to bother to set it up on the new servers each time it was moved. But now (hopefully) we’ll be staying put.

It’s been an eventful month here at home as well. We’re getting our hurricane damage finally repaired; in fact, we just got our new chimney cap today! The dining room ceiling is fixed, we have a new roof, and we even got blinds for our dining room windows, which have been blindless since we moved in. Our new big project is a complete renovation of the master bathroom; that’s underway now.

For those who weren’t aware, the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Oriskany is being prepared to be sunk as an artificial reef off the Gulf coast later this summer. Our featured photo is of Rachel and the girls down at the Port of Pensacola, where the work is being done.

Virus Warning

On or around November 30, the webserver on which our site is hosted was hacked and a small piece of code placed on our home page. This code installed a virus on the viewer’s computer. Fortunately, the virus doesn’t seem to be destructive, but it does attempt to make phone calls through your modem. I recommend that if you are using a Windows-based computer, that you run an up-to-date virus scanner or delete your temporary internet items immediately. Read the rest of this entry

We had a chance to visit with my good friend Greg from college. He was my roommate and floorleader in college, and best man in my wedding. He came down with his family this past weekend on their way to Disney World and spent the day in Pensacola. It was great to catch up and meet his kids for the first time. That’s Greg on the left of the Featured Photo, as we posed after a fire drill.


We have power! I was outside trying to finish cleaning up the back yard before it got dark, when I heard Rachel cheer and call out, “We’ve got power!” At the same moment cheers erupted all up and down the street, and you could hear people celebrating. Considering how long they were saying we could be without power, I’m impressed that we got ours back in just about a week. As promised, I’ve posted some pictures of the aftermath of the storm in the Hurricane Ivan photo album. To see some real stunning pictures, though, I recommend you check out the photo galleries at the Pensacola News Journal web site.